Comfort Schiphol service valet


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52.50 €

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4 km - Distance
7 minute(s) - Transfer time
24/24 7/7 - Opening hours
Service valet
Beechavenue 66, 1119 PW Schiphol-Rijk Netherlands


What to do on arrival: You print the acknowledgment of receipt and take it with you to Schiphol on the day of departure. 30 minutes before arriving at the parking garage, call 020 369 7500. The driver will be waiting for you at the parking garage. What to do on departure: You call 020 369 7500. After customs you go directly up by elevator or escalator 1 floor. You are expected between departures 2 and 3 at DOOR E. You have to cross the pedestrian crossing. From here you will be taken to our car park by shuttle bus. If you return earlier or later than specified, email to This prevents waiting times.

Means of transport

No shuttle This is a service valet


The distance between the parking and your position is 2 km


You will need 4 minutes to reach the parking

Opening hours

24/24 7/7


Your car will be in a safe place day and night

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Comfort Schiphol service valet 2040-12-31

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